Winchester – Copper Impact – 30-06 Sprg – 150 Grain – Extreme Point


The Winchester Copper Impact 30-06 Sprg is a high-performance ammunition with a 150 grain Extreme Point bullet. Designed for maximum impact and expansion, it delivers superior terminal performance and accuracy. Ideal for hunting big game, this product ensures reliable and devastating results in the field.

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Winchester, a renowned name in the firearms industry, has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality ammunition and firearms since its establishment in 1866. With a rich history spanning over a century, Winchester has consistently delivered innovative and reliable products to meet the needs of hunters, sport shooters, and law enforcement professionals worldwide.

One of Winchester’s exceptional offerings is the Winchester Copper Impact – 30-06 Sprg – 150 Grain – Extreme Point ammunition. This ammunition is specifically designed to provide superior performance and accuracy, making it a favorite among avid hunters. The 150-grain bullet is crafted with precision, ensuring optimal expansion upon impact, resulting in devastating terminal performance.

The Extreme Point bullet design features a large impact diameter, which facilitates rapid and controlled expansion, delivering maximum energy transfer to the target. This ammunition is loaded with high-quality copper-alloy bullets, which not only enhance accuracy but also promote deep penetration and reliable weight retention.

Winchester’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their products, from meticulous design to rigorous testing. Their dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction has made them a trusted choice for shooters of all levels of expertise.

Whether you are a professional hunter or a recreational shooter, Winchester’s Copper Impact – 30-06 Sprg – 150 Grain – Extreme Point ammunition is a testament to their unwavering pursuit of perfection. With Winchester, you can trust that every shot counts.

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