Sterling – 12 Gauge – #5 Shot – 3.0″ – 11/8 oz. – 1295 FPS


The Sterling 12 Gauge #5 Shot is a high-performance ammunition designed for shotguns. With a 3.0″ length and 11/8 oz. weight, it delivers a powerful impact. With a velocity of 1295 FPS, it ensures accurate and efficient shooting. Ideal for hunting and target shooting, this product guarantees reliable performance.


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23.3 lbs
16 × 8 × 6 in
Shell Length

Sterling is a reputable company that specializes in manufacturing high-quality ammunition for various shooting applications. One of their standout products is the Sterling – 12 Gauge – #5 Shot – 3.0″ – 11/8 oz. – 1295 FPS. This particular ammunition is designed to deliver exceptional performance and accuracy, making it a top choice among hunters and shooting enthusiasts.

The Sterling – 12 Gauge – #5 Shot – 3.0″ – 11/8 oz. – 1295 FPS is specifically engineered for 12-gauge shotguns. It features a #5 shot size, which is ideal for hunting small to medium-sized game, such as pheasants, ducks, and turkeys. With a 3.0″ shell length, this ammunition provides optimal power and range, ensuring a successful shot even at longer distances.

The 11/8 oz. payload of the Sterling – 12 Gauge – #5 Shot – 3.0″ – 1295 FPS offers a balanced combination of shot density and energy transfer, resulting in effective target penetration and reliable knockdown power. Additionally, the impressive muzzle velocity of 1295 feet per second guarantees a swift and accurate shot, enhancing overall shooting performance.

Sterling takes pride in their commitment to quality and precision. Each round of the Sterling – 12 Gauge – #5 Shot – 3.0″ – 11/8 oz. – 1295 FPS is meticulously crafted using premium materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. This ensures consistent performance and reliability, giving shooters the confidence they need in the field or at the range.

Whether you are a seasoned hunter or a shooting enthusiast, Sterling’s ammunition, including the Sterling – 12 Gauge – #5 Shot – 3.0″ – 11/8 oz. – 1295 FPS, is a trusted choice that guarantees exceptional results.

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