Norma – 9mm – 124 Grain – TMJ


The Norma 9mm 124 Grain TMJ is a high-quality technical product designed for optimal performance. With its Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) construction, this ammunition offers superior accuracy and reliability. It is perfect for target shooting and training purposes, ensuring consistent and smooth feeding in various firearms.

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1.45 lbs
4.25 × 1.75 × 2.25 in

Norma is a renowned company that has been at the forefront of ammunition manufacturing since its establishment. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Norma has consistently delivered top-quality products to meet the needs of shooting enthusiasts and professionals alike.

One of their exceptional offerings is the Norma – 9mm – 124 Grain – TMJ ammunition. This product showcases Norma’s dedication to precision and reliability. The 9mm caliber is widely recognized for its versatility and popularity, making it a go-to choice for various shooting applications.

The Norma – 9mm – 124 Grain – TMJ ammunition stands out due to its Total Metal Jacket (TMJ) design. This feature ensures that the bullet is fully encased in a copper jacket, minimizing lead exposure and reducing barrel fouling. The 124-grain weight provides optimal balance, enhancing accuracy and control during shooting sessions.

Norma’s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their manufacturing process. From sourcing the finest materials to employing advanced production techniques, they ensure that their products consistently meet the highest standards. The Norma – 9mm – 124 Grain – TMJ ammunition is no exception, offering shooters a reliable and accurate option for their shooting needs.

Whether you are a competitive shooter, law enforcement professional, or simply enjoy recreational shooting, Norma’s products, including the Norma – 9mm – 124 Grain – TMJ ammunition, are designed to deliver exceptional performance and reliability, making them a trusted choice among shooting enthusiasts worldwide.

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