Baschieri & Pellagri (B&P) – Sporting Clay – 12 Gauge – #7.5 Shot – 3.0″ – 11/8 oz. – 1260 FPS


The Baschieri & Pellagri (B&P) Sporting Clay 12 Gauge ammunition is designed for competitive clay shooting. It features #7.5 shot size, a 3.0″ shell length, and an 11/8 oz. payload. With a velocity of 1260 FPS, this high-performance load offers excellent patterns and consistent performance on the range.


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2.4 lbs
3 × 4.5 × 4.5 in
Shell Length

Baschieri & Pellagri (B&P) is a renowned company in the ammunition industry, known for its exceptional products and commitment to quality. With a rich history dating back to 1885, B&P has consistently delivered innovative and reliable ammunition solutions to shooters worldwide.

One of their standout products is the Baschieri & Pellagri (B&P) Sporting Clay 12 Gauge #7.5 Shot. This ammunition is specifically designed for sporting clay shooting, offering shooters unparalleled performance and accuracy. With a 3.0″ shell length and an 11/8 oz. shot weight, it provides the perfect balance of power and control.

The #7.5 shot size is ideal for sporting clay shooting, as it offers a versatile range suitable for various target distances. The ammunition’s high velocity of 1260 FPS ensures consistent and reliable patterns, allowing shooters to confidently take on challenging clay targets.

B&P’s commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their products. From the meticulous selection of premium materials to the rigorous quality control processes, they ensure that their ammunition meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

Whether you are a professional shooter or a passionate enthusiast, Baschieri & Pellagri (B&P) is the brand you can trust for all your ammunition needs. With their Sporting Clay 12 Gauge #7.5 Shot, you can elevate your shooting experience and achieve remarkable results on the range.

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