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Armscor Ammo

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Looking for reliable and high-quality ammunition? Look no further than Armscor Ammo, a brand that sets the standard in firearm and ammo engineering. Founded in the Philippines in 1905, Armscor has become a global leader in ammunition production. Today, Armscor USA operates out of Pahrump, Nevada, bringing state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques to the U.S. market. Their sister company is Rock Island Armory, the largest manufacturer of 1911's in the world. So, what makes this ammo special? First and foremost, it's the quality. Every round undergoes rigorous testing to ensure exceptional performance. With a focus on precision, Armscor cartridges offer consistent velocity and accuracy. Let's delve into where Armscor Ammo is made. With production facilities in the USA (Idaho) and the Philippines, Armscor maintains a high level of quality control. Advanced machinery and skilled labor combine to produce ammunition that meets SAAMI standards. Furthermore, their facilities are ISO 9001 certified, meaning their manufacturing process meets international quality benchmarks. The brand features a wide range of ammunition types. Among the most popular are the .22 LR and 9mm rounds, ideal for both plinking and competitive shooting. Armscor also manufactures top-notch .223 and .308 ammo, making it a versatile choice for hunters and long-range shooters alike. Their caliber options don't end there. In fact, they also offer specialty rounds such as 22 TCM, 10mm and .300 Blackout. So whether you're heading to the range or preparing for a hunting trip, there's a round for you. In summary, Armscor Ammo stands out for its exceptional quality, versatility, and historical pedigree. Choose Armscor for your next shooting adventure, and you won't be disappointed. From self-defense to hunting to sport shooting, this ammunition is a top choice for any gun enthusiast.  

Pulvinar TAG

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